Classic SMP

PilzBros Survival

Started in 2022, PilzBros Survival is a build-oriented classic SMP experience. Spawning in a cherry orchard and surrounded by moutains, castles, firewatch towers, and winter cabin villas are yours to explore. No protected zones, no pay to win, just builds and vibes. All are welcome!

Kill for Mommy

Friday the 13th

A PilzBros Network original plugin, Friday the 13th MC is a full port of the popular Friday the 13th video game. Play on original maps like Higgins Haven, Camp Crystal Lake, The Moon, and more! Play as Jason or one of your favorite counselors as you fight to survive or fight to kill. Featuring customized gameplay as Jason and counselor, players have perks, abilities, and objects to aid in their mission.

2010 Towny

Towny, Games, and MC Beta

PilzBros began in 2010 on Minecaft Beta running on a MacBook Air. The first launch of PilzBros was a Towny world acting as the main offering from 2010 through 2016. With over 10 towns, thousands of unique players contributed and built on the server. Several original mini gamers including Saw, SandFall, and Gortume began on an offshoot games server. The world can be explored today as it was in 2010, and you're able to play any legacy minigame.

Supporting Next Generation Servers

The PilzBros Incubator.

The PilzBros Network believes in the importance of supporting emerging online communities and preservation of those online spaces. PilzBros will host your server, for free, if your active community is unable to pay for ongoing hosting expenses. Plain and simple, we want to help small communities flourish, and want nothing in return.

PilzBros Incubator


Fill out an application for hosting. We'll use this to determine your eligbility for our program. You can find the application link below.


If selected, we'll work with you to transfer your files to our host. You'll have full panel access to your server. We'll take care of the networking, DDoS protection, etc.


Your server is online, free to join, free to play, and best of all, has no hosting costs. Grow your community, enjoy your games, and we'll assist in any way we can.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Enter in your Minecraft client.

We have a variety of things for you to do on the PilzBros Network. View our list of servers for more information on specifics.

No. The PilzBros Network does not monetize our servers. Everything is free to play. No paid competitive advantages.

Minecraft and the community we've built over the last 10 years has always been very special to us. There's nothing like the nostalgic memories you form from playing collaborative games with friends. We've been fortunate enough to cultivate that for ourselves, and we'd like to help others achieve that goal. We know how hard it is to run a server and the barrier to entry with expertise and cost. We want to help others succeed and have a place to make memories.

If you want to support the PilzBros Incubator program and help us help communities grow, get in touch with us. We're always accepting community assistance.


Join PilzBros and play today. Always online, always free, always welcome.

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